The Dream Roll - Not For the Faint of Heart

There we were, 7am Wednesday morning, gassed up, packed up, and ready to roll. We had planned to take our time getting there as we knew the scenic routes would be much more enjoyable than the main Interstate RoadI-15. We set off with perfect temps, and the four of us were making pretty good time. We enjoyed a road twisting along the Salmon river in Idaho for a few hours, stopped for lunch, and kept riding. By the time we got to Challis, Idaho, we only had 100 miles left before we planned to camp in the forest near Gibbonsville, ID. We were gassed up, ready to head out, and started our bikes…all except Erika. Her bike just made a loud clicking noise. Ahhh…that familiar sound of a dead battery. We tested the battery, and turns out it's bad, so Amy takes Erika to NAPA on the back of her bike, we replace her battery, and are off. It seemed simple enough. 

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Talk Moto to Me Episode 9: Moto F.A.M.

In Episode 9 we sit down with Mich from Moto F.A.M. and discuss some of the great work her organization does to help support fallen riders and there families cope with aftermath of a crash. Mich also discusses some safety tips when riding to help avoid situations while riding.

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All the DIRTY DEETS: #BabesInTheDirt

I went to Bro4 not really knowing anyone and left with friends that I met up with at Babes In The Dirt 2017 and will then after be riding to Babes Ride Out East Coast. What I am trying to say is I made a shit ton of moto friends over one weekend. This year was my first time at Babes In The Dirt. I do not own a dirt bike. I have not been on a dirt bike in over 12 years?

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