The Litas area heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 115th Anniversary Celebration of Harley-Davidson. We will kick off the ride in Salt Lake City, Utah, and continue on the journey along this route. All Litas are encouraged to join along the way. Eventually meeting up with the official H-D SOUTHWEST Road Home Ride in Kansas City, Missouri.

You can see more about the 115th Anniversary Celebration here, which goes from August 29th - September 2nd, 2018. 

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7 Day Ride | 1736 Miles

Thursday, August 23 - Wednesday, August 29

The Journey

Day 1: (284 mi) Salt Lake City, Utah / THE LITAS SALT LAKE CITY

Day 2: (243 mi) Grand Junction, Colorado

Day 3: (340 mi) Denver, Colorado / THE LITAS DENVER

Day 4: (268 mi) Hays, Kansas / THE LITAS WICHITA

Day 5: (309 mi) Kansas City, Missouri / THE LITAS KANSAS CITY

Day 6: (253 mi) Springfield, Illinois / THE LITAS LASALLE

Day 7: (40 mi) Kenosha, Wisconsin / THE LITAS SYCAMORE / THE LITAS FOX VALLEY

Day 8: Milwaukee, Wisconsin / THE LITAS MILWAUKEE