Joshua Tree or Bust: Babes Ride Out 3


By - Heather d'Entremont

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As the desert sun rose over a sea of tents and motorcycles, I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and stared in awe. This is peace. This is freedom. This is Babes Ride Out.

Believe it or not, I almost missed the sunrise that Sunday morning – the last day of Babes Ride Out 3. I was brushing my teeth and trying my best to look presentable, despite the sand, no shower and a night of dancing and partying.

 It was only when I stood up and took a second to breathe in my surroundings that I noticed the hues of yellow, orange, pink and purple dancing in the sky. The light quickly spilled over to the rest of the sky, shining a spotlight on the 1,000+ babes who had motored in from countless spots all over the world. The USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, the UK – all were represented (and possibly many others). All were joined by a common thread: a passion and love for riding motorcycles.


 My journey to Babes Ride Out was one of luck and chance (and a lot of nerves and uncertainty). Riding around the pothole-riddled backroads of Atlantic Canada is a breeze compared to the congested LA freeways. Would I be able to keep up? Would I be able to confidently split lanes? What if I get lost or separated from the pack? 

Months before I got on the plane to fly from New Brunswick, Canada, to LAX, I reached out on Instragram and Facebook to connect with LA-area motobabes. And the call did not go unanswered. Within minutes, I had a response from several ladies offering to ride with me from EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals to Orange County, where yet another motobabe offered to host us all for a brunch before we rode to Joshua Tree together. One motobabe planned out everything: our route and our gas stops. 

My stomach stopped turning and I stopped thinking about worst-case scenarios. I decided to put my faith in the universe and myself because I knew I could do it. And you know what? We totally rocked it. 


There is something incredible and unique about the female motorcyclist community: we may all be from completely different backgrounds with a wide array of ages, careers and riding experience – but it’s all about being supportive and nurturing. And, above all, no babe is ever left behind.

From riding up dusty mountains and through California freeways to drinking moonshine and dancing to Elvis in the desert, Babes Ride Out delivers a party, a riding experience of a lifetime and countless new friendships. 

Raise hell, babes.

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About the author: Heather d’Entremont is Canadian motobabe and member of the Litas New Brunswick branch. She has been riding for three years: one year on a Kawasaki Vulcan and two on a Harley Sportster. During the day, she can be found working in communications for the Government of Canada, but in her downtime she can be found dressed in leather, sporting a sparkly silver Gringo helmet and riding around on two wheels. 

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