Start Your Legend Series: Kie


Almost 2 years ago, I went everywhere to find a car for my son who was moving away to college. But, having had my daughter’s car accident previously, I couldn’t afford another car and sky-high insurance. While I was devastated by finding a car, I came across a great idea, “Let’s go get me a motorcycle license and a motorcycle!!”  Everything was done within 2 weeks after 3 months of car hunting. I got a small, old MC to commute at the beginning and gave my son my car. This is how I started riding. So simple, right? Since then, I’ve ridden in rain, shine, wind, and hail, almost every day.

I always ride with my cousin in my heart who lost his life in a MC accident when we were still young. Because of his death, whole families were against to ride although I always wanted to ride like him, especially after I heard about a story of two men who founded Indian Motorcycle Company, Oscar and George. They wanted to make motorcycles just like the way American Indians handle their horses as they like. Since then Indian Motorcycle became a legend to me. I dreamed, “Someday, I want to ride Indian MC…” Well, the reality is that they are just too big for me to handle…and the time passed.. Back to 2 years ago, in 2014, only a few months later after I started riding when I found about the Scout’s revival. I pre-ordered one. The Scout is my dream-come-true bike. That’s how I encountered my official boyfriend. So dramatic, right?

Maybe I don’t look like a biker as I’m small, not interested in speeding, don’t have tattoos, don’t drink or smoke, don’t have attitude (according to me.) I don’t ask for freedom on riding either. Rather, I can be a nervous wreck riding in LA traffic, which is every day. I am a mother of 4 and also a grandma of a 4-year boy. I work daily to feed them and go for a ride on weekends. My kids think or know and call me crazy. Who cares? I just simply love to ride. I'm very happy when I ride. I will keep riding as long as I see a road that leads me to boundless future.