The Litas Edmonton help raise $28,800 for Fort Mac wild fires

On Tuesday May 2nd, a massive wildfire broke out in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada and took a turn for the worst. Approximately 88,000 people were evacuated from their community and 2400 buildings were destroyed by the uncontrollable wildfire that was about 390,000 acres in size. 

Being from Edmonton, Alberta, about four hours to the south of this community, we, members of The Litas Edmonton, were immediately feeling the affects of this tragedy. Evacuees begun rolling into our city in desperate need of assistance and, as the situation continued to worsen, it became evident among our group that we had a collective desire to contribute and to help out in whatever way possible! 

We began very quickly to throw around ideas amongst ourselves and with other members of the local motorcycle community. With less than five days to prepare, The Litas Edmonton in collaboration with the local motorcycle communities in Edmonton and Alberta created an event that we called “Bikers Unite for Fort McMurray”. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we collectively raised $28,800, which is being donated directly to the Canadian Red Cross Fire Relief funds! 

We are tremendously proud of this accomplishment and we hope that the residents of Fort McMurray know that we worked very hard to do the best we could for them in this terribly difficult time. “Little by little, a little becomes a lot”… Alberta Strong!!  

Photos by @wildandfreemoto