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The motorcycle community is a diverse one. With so many different people with various careers and backgrounds riding a wide range of makes, models and sizes, it can make for a colourful scene of characters. But when a fellow rider is injured or worse, all of those differences fall away. 

That was certainly evident on May 23, when over 525 motorcyclists from Eastern Canada came out to celebrate the life and passion of a local female motorcyclist who was sadly killed doing what she loved – riding her motorcycle. 

 Motorcycles of every kind imaginable showed up and rode together through the city of Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) to celebrate her life. Tears were shed and goosebumps were felt by both those riding in the procession and watching from the side of the road. Other vehicles moved off the road to let the group pass, while construction workers took off their hard hats and watched solemnly as the group rode by. 

These hundreds of bikers rode with another purpose as well: safety awareness. A young, vibrant woman lost her life because of inattention and distracted driving. Something that was easily preventable with a second glance or by putting down a cellphone. 

Her family said that she was always impressed with the amount of bikes that showed support for other fallen riders and requested the same of the local community that day. The call certainly did not go unanswered. 


The entire local riding community came together to show her and her family support and respect. This is what makes the biker community so great – hundreds of motorcycles of all makes, models and sizes riding together to raise awareness of safety and the value of looking twice.

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