Blacktop Ramble II Recap


July ‘19

Women rode from around the country to the Red Rock Desert for a wild weekend with their Lita sisters. The Blacktop Ramble II was held in Torrey, Utah - a hidden gem in Southern Utah surrounded by 5 National Parks, sponsored by Black Feather Whiskey.

Recap video by Black Feather Whiskey


The weather was perfect as ladies started to roll in Friday afternoon. The tattoo tent was set up, as well as a few hand-picked vendors including Hell Babes, Desert Condor, Black Stitch Label, and Vantage. Candice from The Litas Long Beach was invited to tattoo and her sign-up sheet filled instantly.

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We had DJ Choice on the turn tables Friday night, as well as Black Feather’s signature cocktails, and endless Red Rock Brewing beer.

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As the sun rose over the red rock, we got the entire group of women together for our ‘parade ride’ through the town of Torrey. We had 150 women with roaring engines, riding in unison down Main Street. The feelings of camaraderie and empowerment were overwhelming. Everyone has a different story but we all fit together as part of the same collective, #TheLitas.


After the parade was finished, Harley-Davidson started sending women out on motorcycle demo’s through Capital Reef National Park. As riders went out to experience brand new H-D’s, other women hit the road on various rides. We headed out on our favorite ride, Hell’s Backbone on Highway 12. All of the sudden you find yourself on top of a spine with steep cliffs on each side.

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As women arrived back at camp, it was time for the mini-bike barrel races. We’ve never seen ladies get so wild on mini-bikes. Everyone was in-it to win-it.

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We finished off the weekend with a dunk tank, open bar, more tattoos, cotton candy, and local folk band, Pixie and the Partygrass boys.


Everyone woke up Sunday morning with new friends, and new memories, ready to hit the road.

If there is one thing that stood out from this weekend, besides all the dancing, drinking, riding, and laughing, it was that everyone felt at home. Friendships were formed, women who came to the event on their own, left with new friends, and all of us ‘misfits’, fit perfectly. Exactly the way it should be.

Until next year, babes.


Photos by Genevieve Davis